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by Grinn on 15/OCT/09 | Back to Grinn's Media

“Our support gunner Alphadoque downed a chopper last night. We posed for a shot just before an enemy Spec Ops team tooks us all down from a tree line 100 yards away (left).

Our sniper Onemorehour is missing from this shot; he fell off the far side of the downed wreckage and broke his legs while trying to look 'cool.'

Ahh the memories.

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Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 06/OCT/09
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Wait you fell off the downed helicopter, and broke your legs? Not like a moving one? Fail =)
Ha! Awesome. We were talking about this at work and explained that as we were posing on the downed helicopter an enemy squad snuck up on us and totally ended our mission. I think I heard the comment, "Is there ever a good time for a Kodak moment on an active battlefield?".
That seems...odd. That's what, three or four feet? Weak legs man, weak legs.

Stop screwing around, ya'll screw around too much.
What's this game like anyway? Thought about getting it but i'm not sure..
I got a pretty good idea about the game from the description: Down a chopper, break some legs, pose for a shot, and then some more. Actually I understand normally this game is supposed to be very realistic. Apparently the first game in the series has a sibling that was used to train real life soldiers.
WOW.. good to see a squad [AI or Not] working together...
Damn I wish my computer was good enough to run this. Too bad it'd go up in flames if I even tried to run the install.
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